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  • Où manger une crêpe à toute heure à Paris ? - Paris Crêpes © Paris Pancakes

    Archive pour July 2007

    Eat them all!

    Tuesday 3 July 2007

    See in one glance on Paris Crepes map “Paris Crepes map”, the selection of the best stands of pancakes in Paris. For the thechnophile (and the others as well), the stands locations are also available in GeoRSS


    Suggest a stand

    Monday 2 July 2007

    You know a pancake stand that is not on “Paris Crepes map” and that fits perfectly with the criteria of selection ? Add it now to the selection and leave your advice and the stand’s address in the comments

    Be choosy, to pass “Paris Crepes” test is very difficult, only the very best stands of take-away pancakes are selected…. The expert team will visit the stands many times.