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  • Où manger une crêpe à toute heure à Paris ? - Paris Crêpes © Paris Pancakes

    About this guide

    Created by Parisian pancake lovers, Paris Crepes is a guide which offers a selection of the best stands of take-away pancakes in Paris.

    The originality of Paris Crepes © Paris Pancakes
    Did you say a selection?
    A guide for pancake lovers at anytime
    Pancakes from creperie, pancakes to take-away: not to be compared!
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    Criteria of selection

    The originality of Paris Crepes © Paris Pancakes

    A reduced selection – 15 recommended addresses – the location of the stands on an interactive map and the possibility for Internet users to make comments and suggestions on the site, make the originality of Paris Crêpes © Paris Pancakes.

    Did you say a selection?

    Yes, Paris Crepes © Paris Pancakes introduces only the best take-away pancakes stands, freshly prepared in front of you, and filled generously.

    The selection of the stands is made up of precise criteria: availability, welcome, quantity, appearance and respect of tradition must be there. But not only! Rationality is not to be compared with greed

    Paris Crepes © Paris Pancakes is not another directory of “creperie”, restaurants or Brittany specialities addresses like we find dozens on the Internet, but a guide of standard. It is the official selection of the best pancake stands in Paris.

    Paris Crepes © Paris Pancakes answers to the important question that every Parisian is asking himself one day: Where to eat a pancake at anytime in Paris?

    A guide for pancake lovers at anytime

    This guide is for all those who walk in Paris. Eating take-away pancakes, sitting at a table is strongly dangerous. It is well recommended to carry on your walk, or stroll during the tasting.

    The take-away pancake stands are a chance to join the practical side and pleasure: fill your stomach when you are feeling a bit peckish between two “rendez-vous”, ?, feel stronger between two tourist visits, get over a vexation at anytime of the day, have an afternoon tea in the middle of a long shopping afternoon, please your stomach after a film…

    The selection Paris Crêpes © Paris Pancakes will definitely embellish your tracks. Have a nice take-away pancake is worth a little roundabout way.

    Pancakes from creperie, take-away pancakes: not to be compared!

    Pancakes from Creperies and take-away pancakes are two different “species”, not to be compared. They distinguished themselves, of course, as their way of consumption, but also, and most of all, as the consumer expectation.

    Pancakes from creperie

    The pancake from a Creperie, Brittany speciality, is to be eaten at a table (with a fork and a knife). It is is usually appreciated when its pastry is thin and its filling is fresh and home made. It is also accompanied by a bowl of cider. The big eaters usually blame it for not being hearty. It is the reason why they don’t hesitate having a couple of them. The service in a Creperie can be quite long, but this is not all the time the case.

    Take-away pancakes

    The take-away pancake is served at anytime. It is prepared when it is ordered. We are standing and waiting and it is well recommended to eat it standing if you don’t want to stain yourself. The technique of eating is quick to learn with a little practice (let’s say, one or two pancakes a week, for a month). Quite heartily served, the normal consumer eats just one… but…

    But the features of the take-away pancake are studied in consequence. The pastry is appreciated when it is thick – essential criteria for the pancake to be hold easily – and not to be over cooked to soak up the filling and to gain in taste. The pancake is wrapped in a clear paper which sometimes sticks to the pancake when the pancake is too much buttered. Eventually, the preparation is hold in your hand with one or two roll-off paper, very useful for a start to keep you from the heat and very useful later, to wipe your face or try to clean the big chocolate spot for the beginners (we all went trough this).

    The take-away pancake is a Parisian specialty. Do you know another town where we can find as many stands open at anytime all the year long?

    Add a comment, recommend an address

    Internet Pancakes lovers users are invited to share their feedbacks, to validate or not the choices of the selection and also to recommend stands recommend stands that they think are a good pick (seeing the criteria bellow).

    Criteria of selection

    The availability

    Open all the year long; wide opening hour. You can feel like a pancake very late in the evening. Stand that has been opened for a long time. Very likely to be still there!

    The welcome

    Professional; advance orders, for a quicker service; advice and thanks in the customer language (at leat English); jokes or hearty words sometimes

    The quality

    Pancakes made to order, or freshly made for busy time; thick and firm enough to contain a generous filling (the “hold” criteria is essential for the take-away pancake); fresh ingredients; clean stand (without being to strict); salt and pepper to be add when ask, pastry not to be over cook and just golden brown like it has to be; Nutella pancake with “the only real” chocolate spread worldly known and accepted.

    The quantity

    Professional crepe maker with large diameter plate required for large pancakes; ingredients to be spread on the whole pancake surface; filling like Nutella or chestnut cream to be spread with generosity with a spoon if possible (and not to be scraped with a spatula or anay other kitchenware that would push to save money).

    The appearance

    Folding of the pancake (diagram to come); clear glazed wrapping paper and paper towels.

    The respect of tradition

    Stand on the street; stand stuck to a café (this is less and less common); trade activity mostly centered on pancakes (we accept panini and sandwiches but unwillingly); heap of hot pancakes during rush time; savoir-faire and practical skill of the real Parisians pancake makers; stand decoration with row of Nutella pots.